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Latest NewsBoston Hyper Space Tour

Have you ever wondered how the unearthly sounds that you hear on a BOSTON album actually happen? See for yourself this summer at a live show on BOSTON's Hyper Space Tour!  Always a huge crowd pleaser with their high-energy stage show, other-worldly sound, and exceptional musicianship, BOSTON prides itself on performing a totally live show, delivering an extraordinary experience.

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More Tour Information

  • 2017 Tour

    The trucks are getting loaded up!
    Visit the tour section for the latest updates to show dates and venues. This information will be updated often as dates are confirmed.

    Special offers such as advance presale tickets and fan meet and greets will be announced in our community.
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  • Concert Photos

    You have front row and center seats get your all access photos of Boston.
    Unprecedented ALL ACCESS photos take you close-up to all the action on stage and backstage.
    Our photo library spans from the 2016-2008 Tours.
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  • Unprecedented Access

    You have front row and center seats get your all access photos of Boston.
    All of our photographs are printed on archival quality paper with your option to frame and print sizes up to 30" X 45".

    Choose from a large selection of prints, books, albums, greeting cards, specialty items and memorabilia.
    All orders are shipped directly from the printer within 24-48 hours.
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Singer s last days detailed in court papers

Br ebony porn ad Delp was her  best friend, someone she could turn to after a bad date, a breakup, or just a tough day. And for nearly 2

These previously unreported revelations regarding Delp s relationship with Meg Sullivan have become a central piece of the now two-year-old defamation lawsuit filed by Boston founder Tom Scholz against the Boston Herald.

Following Delp s death, Herald stories, quoting an interview with Delp s former wife, Micki Delp, and material from unnamed sources, seemed to suggest that Scholz was to blame for Delp s suicide. A week after his 2007 suicide, the Herald s Inside Track writers Gayle Fee and Laura Raposa quoted Micki Delp in a piece with the headline,  Pal s snub made Delp do it: Boston rocker s ex-wife speaks.  They wrote about the conflicts between Scholz and past band members and stated that Micki Delp said her former husband was  upset over the lingering bad feelings from the ugly breakup of the band Boston over 20 years ago  and  driven to despair  by recent changes in the group. It was, the Herald reported,  the last straw in a dysfunctional professional life that ultimately led to the frontman s suicide, Delp s ex-wife said. 

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