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A letter from Tom Scholz regarding the newly remastered Debut album and Don't Look Back!

What the Deuce IS UP With Boston?

My apologies to you all for the unintentional silence about Boston activities and plans, especially concerning a reissue of the first two Boston albums. Oddly enough I was just beginning a letter like this, when that topic jumped onto my computer, forcing me to drop everything, including communicating with all of you.

So now you know I do see postings on these sites! Not all of them, but enough to know your collective feelings about Boston, and btw, thank you.

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A letter from Tom Scholz to all who have supported BOSTON at

When asked years ago for permission to use the BOSTON trademark for a fan-based website, I was flattered. The idea that some internet users were so enthusiastic about my music that they would form their own Boston website was exciting.

Of course I agreed, and made some small donations, but also made the decision to keep a "hands off" policy towards the site and its content. I really didn't want to interfere with any fan's perception of what BOSTON meant to them. Besides, I had my hands full writing, producing, and performing.

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BOSTON'S Corporate America: Timely music for a modern world

Corporate America
Four and a half years in the making, BOSTON's new album Corporate America is a bold step for writer/producer Tom Scholz.

According to Scholz, "We wanted to do more than just make another CD that sounded like classic BOSTON. We really like current music, and each writer/performer brought something new and unique to the effort."

While maintaining connections to his English rock, classical roots, Scholz has ignored the relative safety of classical rock boundaries, and given free reign to the diverse talents of his group.

Covering a huge range of musical categories, Corporate America takes you on a rock tour without musical borders, yet still maintains the cohesiveness expected of a BOSTON album.

Forget about categorizing their music, and just enjoy it; it is still unmistakably BOSTON.

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"Corporate America" #1 on Progressive Rock chart!

Downer's Revenge/Boston's "Corporate America" #1 on Progressive Rock chart!

The song "Corporate America" by a mysterious unknown group called DOWNER'S REVENGE has risen from oblivion to #1 on's progressive rock chart in just one week.

There was no corporate marketing or promotion whatsoever for this debut, just the band and their friends emailing the link to other listeners. The music and the message in the song took over from there and created a snowball, or maybe an avalanche!

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Latest Annoncement of Tour Dates on Sale for The Rock Band Boston

New York, NY-March 14, 2002 -- One of the most popular live acts in rock music history has announced a 2003 summer tour. The long-awaited return of BOSTON will reunite guitarist, producer and songwriter Tom Scholz with original lead singer Brad Delp and will kick off on June 6th at Verizon Wireless Arena in Manchester, NH. The 48 city nationwide US tour will mark the first time in 6 years that the record-breaking rock band BOSTON has appeared in concert. The tour will also support a 5th album of new material called CORPORATE AMERICA on the Artemis Records label. Two singles, Someone and Livin' for You will hit the airwaves March 24, 2003.

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Artemis Records Signs Legendary Rock Group Boston

March 6, 2000, New York -- Artemis Records has just signed a recording deal with Boston, the legendary rock group behind one of the fastest and best-selling debut albums in history. This announcement was made today by Danny Goldberg, President and CEO, Artemis Records/Sheridan Square Entertainment.

The new album, currently untitled, will feature original members Tom Scholz and Brad Delp and is described by Mr. Scholz as "...a marriage of alternative influence with unmistakable, classic Boston style."

Said Mr. Goldberg upon the announcement: "Signing Boston is a milestone for our ebony porn label. Words cannot express how excited we are by Tom's new music."

Commented Mr. Scholz upon the announcement: "This is the most excited I've been since Irving Azoff got himself into a lawsuit with CBS by deciding to release Third Stage in 1986."