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Bad blood lingers for locals in ‘Boston’ band feud

SWAMPSCOTT - Brad Delp, the former lead crooner for the band Boston took his own life two years ago on March 9, 2007, but his death hasn’t healed old wounds.

Former band member and founder of the group Donald Thomas Scholz has filed a lawsuit in Middlesex Superior Court alleging Delp’s ex-wife Micki and her sister Connie Goudreau of Swampscott, made defamatory statements against Scholz regarding Delp’s death.

According to the lawsuit, Scholz claims Micki made statements to the press and others regarding the reason Delp took his own life at the buy viagra professional age of 55, which he claims Micki knew to be false, but nevertheless willfully and maliciously spread.

Scholz and the DTS Charitable Foundation Inc., also bring action against Micki and Goudreau, for their interference with Scholz’s charitable efforts.

Micki was married to Delp in 1980, they separated in 1991 and were divorced in 1996. Delp was from Danvers and propecia no prescription Micki now lives in California.

Goudreau, who lives on Greenwood Avenue and is married to Barry Goudreau, a former Boston band member, recently took out nomination papers seeking a seat on the Board of Assessors in Swampscott.

Scholz, who is cost of cialis from Ohio, claims that because of canadian pharmavy generic viagra Micki’s and Goudreau’s statements made to female levitra pills the Inside Track of the Boston Herald and in online chat rooms using aliases, his reputation was damaged and he was exposed to public hatred, ridicule and has suffered emotional distress damages as a result.

Micki also reportedly told the press that Delp had been in the midst of fights between Scholz and other former members of the group for the past 30 years and that the tensions finally got the better of him and he committed suicide.

The lawsuit also claims that Goudreau created a fake website for Scholz’s charitable site in order to divert traffic away from his actual site which she reportedly admitted to doing but denied Scholz’s other allegations.

Because of that, Judge Isaac Borenstein has issued a temporary restraining order preventing Goudreau from destroying, erasing, or altering evidence on her computer.

Micki however, who has an adult website, never responded to the suit.

Scholz and his charitable foundation have asked the levitra india court for compensation for costs and attorneys fees associated with the lawsuit including any other relief deemed appropriate.

By Robin Kaminski/The Daily Item
Last modified: Monday, March 9, 2009 12:16 AM EDT

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