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Latest NewsBoston 2015 Tour

What's next for BOSTON? Thanks to the fantastic response to last year's tour we're planning to bring our show to as many venues as we can again in 2015, and we're trying to decide which BOSTON songs to add to our set for this year.

More Tour Information

Find out what's happening with Boston.

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  • 2015 Tour

    The trucks are getting loaded up!
    Visit the tour section for the latest ebony porn updates to show dates and venues. This information will be updated often as dates are confirmed.

    Special offers such as advance presale tickets and fan meet and greets will be announced in our community.
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  • Concert Photos

    You have front row and center seats get your all access photos of Boston.
    Unprecedented ALL ACCESS photos take you close-up to all the action on stage and backstage.
    Our photo library spans from the 2015-2008 Tours.
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  • Unprecedented Access

    You have front row and center seats get your all access photos of Boston.
    All of our photographs are printed on archival quality paper with your option to frame and print sizes up to 30" X 45".

    Choose from a large selection of prints, books, albums, greeting cards, specialty items and memorabilia.
    All orders are shipped directly from the printer within 24-48 hours.
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Gibson.com s Top 50 Guitar Solos of All Time


41.  Hitch a Ride, Boston (Tom Scholz)

Criminally neglected in most  all-time great guitarist conversations, Tom Scholz and his dazzling fretwork shines brightly on the acoustic-laden Boston classic,  Hitch a Ride. Always fond of thick, fuzzy overdrive, reverb, echo and layer upon layer of sound (Scholz created the multi-patented Rockman effects boxes, after all), Scholz brilliantly uses crisp staccato picking and overdubbed second guitar to propel the solo, which is easily one of his most memorable and identifiable.  Sean Patrick Dooley


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